Professional Services for Doctors

OUR TOTAL BODY MAPPING & PHOTOGRAHY SERVICES- A very important skin screening service for your patients.

Total body mapping referrals, save you, the practitioner, time and energy especially, for those patients presenting with dysplastic naevi, multiple lesions or an history of melanoma and other skin cancers.
Total body mapping instils confidence in your patient and reassures them that you, their responsible practitioner have their skin health in check.
Total body mapping minimises your patient’s risk factor by comparing and trending lesions over time.
Body photography provides you, the practitioner reassurance that your patient’s skin condition is closely monitored for any changes to existing moles or newly formed lesions. Early detection of melanoma and other skin cancers is paramount to saving lives.
Along, with our associated clinic MoleChecks Australia we have an outstanding melanoma diagnosis rate with over 750 melanomas diagnosed in recent years-most of them at an early stage. Thousands of basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas have also been diagnosed.


  • Patient Image Review and Reporting within 24-48 Hrs.
  • Serial Monitoring and Trending of Abnormal Structures
  • Complete Body Mapping
  • Part Body Mapping
  • Spot checks
  • Macroscopic and Microscopic (Dermoscopy) Imaging
  • Patient education about skin cancer and protection.
  • Teledermatology support service
  • Fully equipped theatre and procedure rooms
  • Specialist surgeons available upon requested
  • All patients are directed back to their referring clinic
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